The Benefits of Fermented Aminos, BCAA’s and Beta Alanine
The Benefits of Fermented Aminos, BCAA’s and Beta Alanine
by Leran Lhanie on

As a non-essential, modified amino acid, beta alanine helps to increase the concentration of carnosine in the muscles – something which is highly effective for athletes or body builders who wish to boost their strength, decrease fatigue and improve their overall workout. For those who are vegan, fermented beta alanine is vital. However, even if you’re not practicing a vegan lifestyle, fermented beta alanine is far more beneficial for your health.

The benefits of beta alanine

While beta alanine is naturally found in the body and in meats like fish and chicken, beta alanine on its own can’t be turned into protein. It’s job within the body is to promote carnosine – a molecule made up of histidine and alanine; two amino acids. By consuming beta alanine, muscle endurance is optimised. A study published in Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise, 2009, stated that beta alanine boosted carnosine within muscles to improve athletic performance during high-intensity exercise. Furthermore, beta alanine improves exercise capacity for longer and harder workouts, boosts aerobic endurance and increases muscle mass. Due to its ability to boost physical endurance, beta alanine is the perfect pre-workout supplement as you’ll receive an optimal workout and output.

So, what’s so horrifying about non-fermented beta alanine?

Well, carnosine in its whole form is only found in certain animal products like pork, beef and fish. This is surprising as these animals tend to eat plant based sources themselves. Despite beta-alanine and histidine (the two amino acids of carnosine) being found in whole food sources, many supplement manufacturers choose to opt for non-fermented and non-vegan sources of beta alanine.

The problem with using some supplements

There are many dangers of using cheap supplements or supplements purchased from unverified sources. Many unauthorised manufacturers, especially those based in China, contain added ingredients, including additives. Furthermore, many of them use immoral practices. For example, animal hair, human hair and duck feathers are used in BCAA supplements as they’re a cheap source of amino acids.

Some brands opt for non-vegan, non-fermented sources of beta alanine as its cheaper. However, these non-fermented sources pose potential harm for your health as they may contain added preservatives or colorants. Despite the cheap cost, these manufacturers are putting their customers at risk in the long run.

So, what’s a healthier alternative?

Luckily, there’s a healthier option which guarantee’s you won’t be consuming any unknown sources or ingredients that harm your health. Fermented beta alanine supplements are a much better pre-workout choice than traditional beta alanine supplements as they offer an array of benefits for your health.

The advantages of fermented supplements
  • Fermented beta alanine is preserved more easily, without the use of added preservatives or other ingredients.
  • Fermented supplements have increased antioxidant properties to help boost your immune system.
  • Better gut health – fermented supplements promote ‘healthy bacteria’ to aid digestion and strengthen the gut. By using fermented supplements, amino acids (known as bacteriocins) are introduced into your body to eliminate the growth of bad bacteria that can result in poor digestion, leaky gut and poor general health.
  • Improved bio availability – betteramino acid bioavailability meanshigher absorption rates and better results from your workouts.
  • Fermentation doesn’t the require the use of toxic chemicals so the whole manufacturing process is cleaner for purer supplements.
  • Amino acids become more available, even in any form of supplement.
  • Fermented supplements improve your overall health. Your body becomes more defensive against infection to prevent illness.
  • Fermentation exemplifies the benefits of plants. For example, new and unique anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant compounds are formed via the process of fermentation.
What is fermentation?

Fermentation is essentially the chemical breakdown of an element via yeast, bacteria or other microorganisms, usually involving an offset of heat. As a method of preservation, fermentation forms enzymes and probiotics. Bacteria is part of the fermentation process, therefore, consuming fermented supplements introduces ‘good bacteria’ into your body.

Unlike traditional non-fermented sources, fermented supplements using plant ingredients are brilliant for vegans and vegetarians to use. A study has demonstrated that vegetarians have 50% or less carnosine in their muscles than meat eaters (1). Therefore, consuming beta alanine supplements is essential if you want to get the very best out of your workouts.

Fermented, vegan supplements are cleaner and purer than traditional fermented supplements. While the process of fermentation is eco-friendly, the manufacturing of supplements in China generally uses hydrolysis which has led to concerns over water pollution and heavy metal contamination.

Are fermented supplements expensive?

Fermented supplements cost around the same price as normal supplements. So, why pay for potentially harmful ingredients when you can purchase supplements that aid both your workout and your health.

Buy the best for your health and body

Fermented beta alanine supplements improve muscle endurance for more satisfying workouts and are ideal for helping to build muscle. Many bodybuilders and athletes use fermented beta alanine supplements to aid exercise performance and protect themselves from increased lactic acid production in the muscles – this causes muscle soreness and discomfort after exercise. By using fermented beta alanine supplements, you’re feeding your body better nutrients, aiding your gut health and boosting your immunity against illness. As well as receiving optimal benefits from your workouts, you’re gaining better health advantages without any concerns down the line.

Furthermore, whether you’re a vegan or not, using plant based sources boosts your vitamin content and goodness without the use of toxic ingredients.

If you’re looking for high quality fermented supplements from a brand you can wholeheartedly trust, NutriChem Labs products offer complete blends and pureingredients your body will love.


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