Why It’s Important to Take Natural Over Synthetic Supplements
Why It’s Important to Take Natural Over Synthetic Supplements
by Leran Lhanie on

The US supplement industry is worth almost $37 million (1), meaning it’s a huge business. With many consumers choosing to complement their lifestyle with dietary supplements, it’s essential to choose products that are beneficial for your health. So why should you opt for natural supplements over synthetic ones? Here are several reasons why you should be purchasing natural supplements.

Some supplements won’t help your health

Some dietary supplements will have little impact on your health. Why? Because not all supplements are created in the same way. To get the best out of your supplements, they need to be formulated in a way that is close to their natural form. Many refined supplements can be compared to refined foods; they have little nutritional value. These synthetic supplements are often formulated without complex structures that contain a blend of enzymes, antioxidants and other active ingredients that are required for the supplement to conduct its required function.

So, what is the exact difference between natural and synthetic supplements?

Synthetic supplements contain ingredients that are not from their natural source. In other words, these unnatural ingredients may mimic the way natural substances perform. Natural supplements contain ingredients that are derived from plants and are not made within a lab environment.

Furthermore, synthetic supplements normally contain chemical compounds that are not originally meant for human consumption, such as artificial colors which have been linked to causing cancer in humans. Unfortunately, synthetic supplements are cheaper to manufacture which is why you’ll find many on the market.

The hidden ingredients

In 2013, Pieter Cohen’s study (2) on a dietary supplement named Craze found that it contained a synthetic ingredient called N, a-DEPEA, a cousin of methamphetamine or meth. Despite being labeled as a natural substance of the dendrobium orchid, each serving contained between 21 and 35 milligrams of the synthetic ingredient.

This isn’t the first time that hidden ingredients have been discovered in dietary supplements. Another study by Cohen found that the banned stimulant 1.3-dimethylpentylamineor DMAA, which has been linked to heart failure and sudden death, was present alongside 1.3-dimethylbutylamine or DMBA. DMBA was discovered in 12 out of 14 supplements tested and although the health risks are currently unknown, it was thought that DMBA may be labeled as AMP Citrate or another marketing name. The researchers recommended that as its effects are not known, all supplements containing DMBA should be recalled by the manufacturer.

The negative effects

As well as not being effective in improving your health, synthetic supplements pose an array of health risks, as already noted. Many additives are used during the manufacturing process to speed up production (3), however, these additives like fillers and binders may contain hidden lactose ingredients which can provoke allergic reactions in some people. Furthermore, many of these additives actually result in decreased absorption by as much as a 65% drop (3).

Why you should opt for natural supplements instead

Natural supplements are formulated without additives or artificial coloring. Many natural supplements, such as Nutrichem Labs products are formulated with ingredients derived from natural plant sources. Used in combination with a balanced diet and regular exercise, natural dietary supplements are more effective in the long term, as well as eliminating health risks. A trusted brand like Nutrichem Labs strictly test their products to ensure that you consume a balanced amount of nutrients.

A recent study (4) found that using specific supplements could save billions in the cost of healthcare. These included vitamin D and glucosamine; two ingredients found in Nutrichem Labs products. While Nutrichem Labs understands that dietary supplements are not miracle workers, their long-term benefits will ensure improved health and wellbeing. The natural substances found in Nutrichem Labs supplements include blueberry extract to boost the immune system and brain power, ginger root for it anti-inflammatory benefits and green tea to speed up metabolism.

Nutrichem Labs know your health and wellbeing is a priority, which is why all products are manufactured in cGMP certified and FDA registered facilities. Each nutrient is delivered in its correct dosage to ensure that you receive the best health benefits from each supplement. With only exclusive high quality ingredients used that are hand selected, you can be sure you are receiving a safe and reliable product that has been rigorously tested.

As a highly trusted and reputable brand, NutriChem Labs offer impressive natural supplements that provide long-term health benefits, such as improving your immunity.Buy NutriChem Labs products nowfor a healthier mind and body.


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