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Why Natural Fat Burners Can Be Beneficial

Why Natural Fat Burners Can Be Beneficial

February 19 2017 - Posted by Leran Lhanie

Why Natural Fat Burners Can Be Beneficial for Weight Loss and General Health

Fat burners are used for optimal results. Those who require a fast and efficient way of losing weight while eliminating hunger pangs and low energy levels will find using a fat burner highly beneficial. However, did you know that choosing a natural fat burner is far better for your health than an artificial product? Here’s why you should opt for a natural burner.

The problem with synthetic fat burners 

Do you know the exact ingredients in your synthetic fat burner supplement? A 2013 study (1) discovered that many popular brands of artificial fat burner contained a synthetic compound similar to amphetamine. These fat burners containing an ingredient labelled as Acacia Rigidula, in 9 cases out of 21, were found to contain beta-methylphenethylamine, an unnatural substance that is chemically similar to amphetamine. Thus, posing a potential danger to public health. 

This isn’t an isolated incident. There have been many cases of the FDA (The Food and Drug Administration) identifying supplements that are formulated with hidden ingredients. In a recent case (2), the FDA discovered that weight loss supplement Slim Fit X contained Sibutramine, a substance removed from the dietary supplement market in 2010 due to concerns over its health risks, including increasing blood pressure and pulse rate, as well as interfering with other medications.

Synthetic supplements are formulated with additives, such as artificial colors. Artificial colors, often derived from coal tar, have been associated with cancer and are added to supplements to make them more visually appealing to the consumer. Another additive you’ll want to avoid is hydrogenated oils. These are major filler ingredients in many vitamins and supplements, however, trans fats have been linked to heart disease, and even the FDA recommends keeping consumption of this type of fat as low as possible (3).

Synthetic ‘natural’ components

Many industry insiders expressed concern in 2010 (4) as it was revealed that a synthetic version of geranium oil was being illegally formulated into weight loss supplements. Despite being labeled as geranium oil or geranamine, these dietary supplements actually contained a chemical compound called 1.3-dimethylpentylamine that was lab manufactured. Though the bulk of the supplements were thought to be made in China, it raised concerns over the health risks associated with foreign products.

The problem with many dietary supplements is that they contain harmful ingredients that can pose a significant risk to your health. In 2014, a study published in Drug Testing and Analysis (5) showed that 12 out of 14 supplements tested, labeled as containing the ingredients AMC Nitrate, actually contained DMBA, a synthetic compound linked to banned substance DMAA, which posed side effects like stroke and heart attack.

Why you should choose natural fat burners

Natural fat burners are manufactured without artificial additives and are not synthetically produced. While there are cases of spiked supplements and companies not listing ingredients, opting to purchase your dietary supplements from a known independent brand like Nutrichem Labs will ensure you buy a safe product that is more effective in the long term. A high quality natural fat burner like Nutrichem Labs Natures Burn has been thoroughly tested to ensure that the correct amount of nutrients are delivered to your body. This prevents any negative side effects that could occur if you were to receive too much of one nutrient. Natures Burn works to boost your metabolism by using a vitamin B complex, as well as plant based nutrients for maximum fat burning. Studies have demonstrated that using natural plant based ingredients rather than synthetic substances help to preserve muscle, improve focus, increase metabolism and accelerate the fat burning process.

Natural ingredients and their benefits

Specific natural ingredients have fantastic benefits for weight loss and burning fat.

Garcinia Cambogia – This tropical fruit is found in Southeast Asia and India. Extensive clinical research has shown that its active ingredient HCI can block fat and supress appetite.

Caralluma Fimbriata – This Indian plant can reduce your appetite and fat percentage when used in combination with exercise.

Green Tea – a well-known ingredient in fat burners, its ingredients boost metabolism and increase fat burning by 17% during exercise.

It’s important to note that fat burners are not overnight miracle pills. As Nutrichem Labs state, your health and wellbeing is of utmost importance and dietary supplements should complement a healthy diet, regular exercise and good wellbeing. NutriChem Labs is a brand you can trust, using only the most effective natural ingredients.Buy NutriChem Labs products now for a fitter and healthier body.


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